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82400 Gibidi Floor 824 BAC Hydraulic Underground Motor (180 deg)

£720.00 incl. tax*

£720.00  Inc VAT  Excl Tax: £600.00

The floor 884 comes with all parts shown

1 x floor 884 motor with 2m of 2 core cable attached

1 x bottom boss (spline collar / spline coupling )

2 x washers

2 x nuts 19mm

1 x manual release key size 6

1 x manual

17KG 450MM 250MM 200MM

Gibidi Floor 824 BAC Hydraulic Underground Motor (180 deg) now replaced with Floor 884

These 24v units are the replacement motors for the K824/08/Z1 kit.

Unlike other hydraulic underground motors the oil is for the life of the Gibidi Floor underground motors and you don't have to change or top up the oil every 2 - 4 years! Like you DO with SEA & BFT hydraulic underground motors

No Such thing as a direct replacement for a Gibidi Floor motor That isn't Gibidi!

Have a look at how to replace an older floor 824 motor for the new motor follow link

This product is the new hydraulic operator to replace the FLOOR 810 , FLOOR 812 and FLOOR 830. This will fit into all old foundation boxes however a small cut is required in the each of the 2 main back supports to accommodate the extra cylinder tie rods.
Changes include the following :

2 extra rack bushes for extra rack & pinion stability
2 extra tie rods per cylinder to retain cylinder heads
tempered steel drive shaft
hardened drive shaft collar
modified pistons
rotation increased to 180 degree with longer cylinders

This is a 24v motor so will need the Gibidi BA24 control panel

  • Underground hydraulic operator for swing gates

    FLOOR, available either in the 230Vac (FLOOR 830) or 24Vdc (FLOOR 824), is installed underground so that it is invisible and does not alter the gate aesthetics. For every model you have only one version that allows opening the leaf up to 180°.
    The new GIBIDI technology allows making the operator reversible or irreversible with a little few manoeuvres.
    The overpressure valves for force regulation during opening and closing, and the 24Vdc technology, allow achieving the highest level of safety against crushing, as required by the EN 12453 standards.
    You can also adjust the opening and closing speed, and use the Hall effect limit switches (optional).
    The unlocking device for emergency manoeuvres in the event of a blackout is easy to access and can be used either on  the inside or outside of the gate.
    The foundation box, with self-lubricating bushing is fully self-supporting and allows installing the operator without having to remove the leaf from the gate.

  • GIBIDI - Creative Automation

  • Gibidi Will Soon Be Adding 4 New Floor Hydraulic Motors To The 800 Range With
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    Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 134603png
    Call the office 01773 719347

    We recommend changing the bronze bearing and top boss when changing an old motor for a new motor
    The correct bottom spline (bottom boss) comes with all new Floor motors from us (GiBiDi Coupling Splined )


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