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Gibidi Domino Programming procedurefor Gibidi AU01600, AU01680, AU03000 & AU03010 433Mhz key fob transmitters
(requires an existing working Gibidi transmitter)
1. Stand within close proximity of the Gibidi gate control enclosure(or Gibidi garage door operator) that you wish to control.2. Take an existing working Gibidi transmitter and press buttons one & two simultaneously and hold them both down for exactly five seconds, you now have 10 seconds to perform the next step.3. Take the new transmitter and press the button that you wish to use to operateyour receiver for one second.4. Programming is now complete and your new handset should now operate your receiver.


Video of Gibidi Domino Remote Control Programming


Warning about Gibidi photocells and 24v control panels see below


We wish you to be aware of a possible problem with the AU02000 (DCF180) photocells, made of single PCB layer, that could have malfunctioning in some applications with 24Vdc motors. In short during the motion of the motors, they could keep CLOSED the contact and so do not detect obstacles. The on-site solution consist on placing a capacitor of 100V- 470nF between motor power supply outputs ( MOT+ / MOT -) on the control unit. Obviously GIBIDI have already taken counter actions to up date the stock and run possible product modifications to avoid those possible problems to happen again in future.
For your convenience we place here below two pictures representing the old photocells PCB ( 2 layers) and the actual one ( single PCB layer).

RING FOR MORE INFO Adrian 07971475781


We wish to inform you that we have made a product upgrade on the photocells model DGF100 and DGF200. Above all we have simplified the power supply connection, before there were a wire jumper to select the Ac/Dc, now it needs to plug the wires only and it works Ac/Dc automatically. On the previous model there were a wire jumper to select the Relay delay mode (Snow effect), while in the new version the jumper is directly on the PCB and it can be restored, if cut, with and easy welding on board.


-  In need of a replacement to an existing installation, it is necessary to replace both

transmitter and receiver

-  In case of an installation with double pair of photocells, it is recommended to use

both pairs old version or new version, do not mix versions.

-  The packaging of the new version will have a sticker with the production date.

-  The new version of the photocells will be identified with production date starting

from 11/2016,


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Gates not closing?

Put dipswitch 8 on and see if the gates then close

As dipswitch 8 disables photocells ...

If you only have 2 trimmer pots to the right hand side and not 3 this is a singl motor f4+

To turn on or off auto close

For off turn pause time to minimum

To turn on turn pause time on a bit until desired time is achieved

If you have a new sc24 then you need the 8k2 resisters connecting from 13 (costa "safety") accross to com 14

also 8k2 accross 8 com and 9 stop if you are using a stop button or safety edge then the 8k2 must be used inline for them to work

5 ,  6 , and 7 can swap around so look at the control board you have and dont expect "com" to be in the middle!

If the gate closes on 1st power up and 1st command then swap the 2 lives around (open , close) motor should always open on 1st comand after power up!

If you have a new sc230 then you need the 2 8k2 resisters connecting from 12 (stop ) and 11 (costa "safety") accross to com 13 if you are using a stop button or safety edge then the 8k2 must be used inline for them to work


Gates not closing?

Put dipswitch 8 on and see if the gates then close

As dipswitch 8 disables photocells ...

Or is it safety bumpstrips not working and keeping the gates open ?

Put the 1st dipswitch

in the row of 4 dipswitches to off then put a

link between 23 and 25 if the gate closes

the fault is with the safety bump strips

You need to do this as when 1 is on it's looking for an 8k2 resistore !!



Also known as gibidi F3+ Control panel AS04180 / 1780B / GIBIDI-F3-+-Plus-Control-Panel-AS04180 Replaced now with the NEW F4+

The pictures to the right show how to cut the back box of the old Gibidi 810 box to install the 830 floor motor or 824 motor in the box correctly

Picture 1, Mark the old 810 motor foundation box with a marker pen where the extra straps of the new 830 motor touch the foundation box

Picture 2 and 3, Show the grinds made with a small electrical grinder

Pictures 4 and 5, Show the new Gibidi 830 motor or floor 824 Gibidi motor sitting nice in the old Gibidi floore 810 foundation box

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Most asked about BA230 is

How do I attach a time clock to keep gates open?

On control panel go to E9 and turn to 4 then

connect time clock to 28 and 32 NO connection and when it switches to NC gates open

How do I attach safety bump strips?

On control panel go to C9 and turn to 2 for 8k2 or 3 for NC

then connect the strips to 29 and 32  

Gates won't close?

Have a look at photocells.. see if working ok..

Have a look at safety strips if fitted ..

Or short out  22, (stop) 27 (photo2) 29 (safty nc)

and 31 (photo1) all to 32 common  gates should close

Dont forget to turn C3 to 1... That turns off the 3 seconds :)

The old BA230 has a molded in live nutral and double earth power supply input on the control board. The new version you can unplug the power supply from the control board

The old version you can't add the time clock to like above

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